Friday, September 24, 2010

A great week so far

Monday was a rest day and Tuesday was a good 3 mile run. Wedsnday was a great 4 mile run, I finished just a little over 46 min and for me that is really great. I had to wonder if my amazing run on Wesdnday was not caused by the fact that I finally got a road bike. Yes ladies and gentlemen the search is over. I was browsing craigs list as I often do for bikes. Low and behold someone had posted one in good shape for $20.00 bucks. I phone the guy and was told someone was already going to be picking it up tonight. I offered him $30.00 and that I could pick it up right away. He took the deal and I cruised out to get it. If for by some chance of fate the guy I bought the bike out from under is reading this blog post, then I am sorry but dang it I needed a bike badly. Its a 12 speed and had brand new tubes and tires. I don't think I could have found a better deal. Here are some pics of my new bike. She isn't much to look at but will get the job done for now.

I know what your going to ask... yes that is a wooden seat post. The guy I bought it off of said that he was too tall for the bike and needed a longer seat post. I'm going to leave it for now, gives the bike even more weird character. I took it for a spin yesterday after work. Just rode a couple quick miles around the block. It felt comfortable, was a nice easy ride. Its an older bike so its pretty heavy. Nothing nice, new and light like a good triathlon bike or newer road bike, but not a bad start. Over all I am happy with my cheap purchase.

Well that is about all for this week. I took Thursday off from running so I could see my wife before she went to bed. With Icthus music festival this weekend I won't get back to running till my 6 mile run on Sunday. Until next time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back at it

Tuesday is almost done, my three mile is in the log. I shed another 2 Min off my time, it was a nice run but still can't run at a constant pace.  It felt good to get back at it after the long weekend. The Renaissance Festival was a lot of fun, and hanging out with our friends Jeremy and Lexi really just made it a nice weekend. We left straight from my work on Friday, an hour and 45 min later we were pulling into the bed and breakfast.

I truly love this place. We have been going to the Wooded Garden for years and I couldn't imagine staying anywhere else. Here is a link to this place if anyone is ever interested in a nice weekend getaway.
Rich and Cherry are amazing hosts and the breakfast in the morning is second to none. Having a nice dinner Friday night after we got in we headed for bed so we could get up in the morning for the festival.

I really don't have any pictures from the festival itself, but I do have one of us just getting ready to leave.

It was pirate weekend and we were dressed in epic pirate garb. We had a great time sampling everything that the Ohio Renaissance Festival has to offer. That night we went back to the Wooded Garden and played some Cabo. In the morning after a nice breakfast it was time to hit the road. We stopped by a couple flea markets on our way back, and grabbed some dinner at Lone Star steak house. When we finally made it home we were exhausted. All and all I would say we had a great weekend. Gotta put some miles in the bank this weekend and get ready for the Icthus music festival this up coming weekend.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I know I promised pictures of my weekend but I am going to post this first. While at work this fine morning I ran across this video.

It is safe to say I was inspired. I have never been a big person, actually I have always been the exact opposite. I only weigh in right now at a very light 130 lbs. At my heaviest I have weighed in at 135 lbs. Its not easy being this light, its very hard to gain any weight, but that is besides the point right now. Maybe I will post on my struggles to gain a bit more weight at a later time. Right now I want to talk about what this guy did.

You can find his blog at

First weight and body image are very key in happiness. Before someone stumbles into my blog, reads that and decides to flame me in my comment section let me explain. I am by no means saying that everyone has to be a supper skinny super model body style, or even for us guys, we don't have to be all muscle bound movie stars, but we have to be happy in our own bodies. Would you be happy if you had trouble getting out of a chair, or grew winded just getting up to check the mail?

I wasn't happy when my back was having problems, or when I was younger and had knee problems. Limping around, or not being able to get off the couch is frustrating to me. I felt if I couldn't will my own body to do what I want than what good was I. A year ago I got up and did something about it. Just like this guy woke up one day so unhappy with his life he decided to make a change. This man has crossed the finish line to and Marathon and an Ironman, both things I wish to do someday down the road.

If someone is reading this and thinking that they would like to change, they would like to wake up feeling better and happier then I challenge you to make today the first day of a new life. Don't sit idle, don't let life pass you by. Wake up and take hold of it all, take the first step and dare to be great.