Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Till my legs fall off.

My long run was set up to be on Sunday. Sunday just wasn't going to work, we had made plans in the afternoon and I had some house work to get done. So.... my long run got moved to Saturday morning. I woke up feeling great, after my 8 miles last Sunday I figured adding two more wouldn't be so bad... I was very wrong. I decided to pick myself up a pair of new running socks so I made my way to MC Sports. Found this great pair with a compression strip, thought I would try them out. I am freaking hooked... that compression strip really helped... but... not that much.

My run started off rough, I kept my pace down but must have still be healing up from the 8 mile last Sunday. I pushed as much as I could to get through the whole thing. I felt dead on my feet, every step was painful but I still pressed on. I won't post my time but after a dang good while I finally made it to the 10 mile mark. It felt good to finish that distance, only 3 miles away on my training runs to a half marathon, then onward and upward toward the big 26.2.