Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm back from exile!

So after the rash of bad training runs I decided to take a week off. I would love to say it was a hard decision but really it wasn't. I was starting to get bogged down, every run that I either didn't finish or finished by a hair was just pulling me further down. A week off to rest and regroup was just what I needed. I read a lot of training blogs and had time to flip through my runners world magazine. The extra insperation edition they put out last month was just what I needed.

Monday I came back at it with a fresh 4 mile run to kick things off. It went very well and even though I didn't break any great PR, I stopped after 4.3 miles and felt like I could have went further. Today I am set for another 4 mile training run, I have no soreness in my legs but we will see what happens when I go out tonight. To my maybe two readers... wish me luck.