Thursday, September 16, 2010

The return of Pain

I had a great run Tuesday after work. Just a simple 3 miles run to warm things up for the week. I am still not getting the 30 min time I would like to have on a 3 mile run, but I was happy with the 34:30 I did get. I really need to get that time down, If I could just run a steady pace the whole time I would shed those 4 min with ease. The bad part about that run is that the next morning my left knee was in a good deal of pain. Its not bad if I am just sitting but to walk hurts a lot. I tried to run it out Wednesday night but I didn't even make it past two miles. The pain just wouldn't go away and once it became to much I knew it was time to step away. So that's it for this week, I am taking tonight off to rest up. We are leaving for the Ohio Renaissance Festival this weekend. No running all weekend but will do a good deal of walking. Going to be a fun but painful weekend. Will post up some pictures when I get back.

Monday, September 13, 2010

just when you can't get any lower...

Just when you think you have hit rock bottom.... you have an epic run like the one I had on Sunday. What a day, I was dreading my 6 mile run all day. I even thought about skipping it. I pushed myself though and went to the gym anyways. Jumped on the treadmill and started to move. Not even half a mile into it I almost gave up. My left leg started to cramp up, my knee started to throb. I just about stepped off and then decided I should at least go for a full mile. I could limp along that far at least. Pushing into the first mile suddenly I felt great. All the pain in my leg left and I felt fast. it was like a huge chip was lifted off my shoulder. I bit down and started to pick up the speed. 6 miles later, 1 hour and 15 min later I was finished. I felt great. That was my fastest 6 mile run yet, and better yet the fastest 3 miles I have ever done. I still feel unstoppable. Today was a rest day. Tomorrow I return to my running schedule. My goal is to run the full 3 miles with out slowing down. Just a nice constant run. Shooting for a 30 min 3 mile. If anyone is actually reading this please wish me luck.