Monday, November 15, 2010

I didn't feel like it...

I had a lot of yard and house work to do on Saturday so I missed my three mile run. Sunday was a bit of a busy day, I really didn't feel like running but I didn't have a good excuse. I tried to come up with stuff, eventually I decided it was time to go get my six mile run in. The whole drive to the gym I was trying to talk myself out of doing the full six miles. Doesn't your head hurt a bit, got a bit of a cramp in the left thigh, might want to take it easy and just do your three mile run, you know the one you missed on Saturday. I started my run and all talks of stopping early were thrown out the window... I was going to run the full six. I was feeling good, wasn't breaking any PR times but I felt good. I kept my pace a little lower and was going strong... coming up on six miles I decided I would shoot for seven. Then close to seven I figured I would just go for eight. Eight came around and I figured it was time to bring it to a close before I got to carried away. I was feeling great, probably could have ran a half marathon that night with out a second thought.

Its amazing to me that when I don't feel like running I normally have my best training runs. Today my legs are a little sore, nothing a little ice and a light four mile training run tonight won't fix up. 8 down only 18.2 left to go.