Saturday, October 9, 2010

A rough work week, but a great week in training

Its been a long week. I have to start by saying that my work place has tried to kill my mind everyday. I don't think there was a day that went by that something wasn't broken. When things break at an ISP calls come in, and when calls come in I have to take them... but what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger and I made it through. I already posted about Monday's run and yoga class. Tuesday was a rest day, but then came Wednesday, and what a mighty run that was... well at least for me. I really didn't even want to go run. I was tired and just wanted to go home, but I bullied myself into going to the gym. I jumped on the treadmill and started my run. I was running along and feeling great, everything just seemed right. My head was clear, my legs felt good. I was running along at a constant pace. Next thing I know I look down to see I have ran at a constant pace for over 23 minutes. You have no idea how happy this made me. I have been trying to run at a constant pace for at least 20 min for a while now.

Armed with my new runners high I slowed down a moment to catch a drink then fired everything back up again. I ran my best 5k at 34:00 min sharp. When I was finished I felt exhausted though, I might have been able to run that a bit faster if I would have eaten something before I went to the gym. I just felt drained, but still very happy with my work that evening.

 I was looking forward to Friday all week. I had the day off, I was going to take the bike over to the bike shop to make sure it was fit to me alright and just have it checked out. I have to start of by saying that Crankers Cycling in Lima Ohio is an amazing place. I pulled up around 9:30 only to see they opened at 10:00. I was starting to swing around to leave and come back later when I was waved inside. The owner was there and opened the bike shop early for me.

I can't begin to tell you how much this shop and the owner rock. If your in the area stop over and see him. The web site for the shop is being worked on but you can find it here.
Since I was going to be riding my bike home that day I had to get myself a helmet. I found a great helmet that matched my bike.

I also had to get a new seat post. I was told the wooden seat post just wasn't the best idea. So I got a new seat post while I was there. 
 It looks much better than the wooden one. Plus I got it adjusted to the correct height. I left the bike shop and headed for my Mom and Dads. I had to drop off my old 55 Plymouth to be stored for the winter. I got the new seat post in with the help of my Dad ( I don't think I would have gotten everything together without him. thanks Dad!)  Hung out with Dad for a while and then it was time to head for home. Jumped on the bike and rolled down the road. It was a quick 7.2 mile ride back home, but I loved every moment of it. I am sad that I didn't get a bike sooner this year. Its getting cold out quick, and I am only going to be able to ride outside for a little while longer.

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